I Know I Haven’t Posted

Been busy visiting my Aunt & Uncle. And they’ve been keeping us fairly busy.

Modern Family Gather. Everybody On Their Phone/tablet!

SWMBO flew into Dallas/Fort Worth last Saturday morning and rented a car that got her nearby. I picked her up in Longview. Spent the weekend together. I took her to KDFW Monday (God! Never Again!) and she got home safe and sound. Glad for that!

So I came back and have just been visiting. Gonna take off tomorrow morning and head north. NOT going through Dallas again. Ever. (At least until they get their highways fixed!)

After The Storm The Other Day

Heading to Oklahoma City then will pick up Hwy 35 from there to go further North. Thinking of going all the way up to Hwy 80 and heading over to Salt Lake City. Getting home will probably take me a week. With side trips.

And that’s it. Caravan is all unhooked but for electric and ready to go. Uncle Herman took me to a fish place for dinner and I had some of the best catfish I’ve had in quite a long time. Gonna get settled in for the night and leave early tomorrow.

Wish me luck!

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