Just A Quickie Tonight.

Getting to be bedtime and I’m tired tonight.

Got SWMBO up kinda sorta early and took her to breakfast at the FPH in Port Orchard; since we won’t be able to do that anymore when she starts her job Monday. Had to make a quick run home so she could grab an old driver’s license out of her desk to show at the Naval Hospital.


Then took her to the ID & Pass office at PSNS for a new ID Card; since she has “misplaced” her wallet and now has to replace all the ID that she needs. That took only a couple of hours!

Then took her to the Naval Hospital to get a copy of her immunization record so she can prove to the folks she’s starting work for that she has been immunized. That took only an hour or so. Long enough for me to go in, pee, get something to drink and a bag of chips, and back out to the car.


Stopped by Safeway for our usual. I did spend $20 extra for “Star Trek: Into Darkness” on blue ray. (Already ripping it to .mp4 for the movie drive.) Came on home and I’ve been sitting on my old ass since. Good movie! I like the way they’re changed the time-line and all the new actors. Hope they make many more movies from the Star Trek Universe.

Charles Bronson

That’s it. Going to bed. Gotta get up early and go to a meeting of MCARC in Shelton. Ought to go as I didn’t make it last month because “Belfair Bites” had the road pretty much blocked off.

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