It Must Be Sunday. I Did Laundry!

So that means it has to be Sunday. Right?

Well, today. What did I do? My usual chores and laundry. Made Corned Beef & Cabbage with Carrots and boiled potato’s for dinner. Ate a couple of donuts SWMBO left laying around (but she knew I would). Chased the Dog around the living room cause it’s too wet to go outside.

How I Go Through Life

Still converting my movies to .mp4 format. Rip to disc. Run through Handbrake. Copy to the Movie drive (and delete the .avi file). Move to backup drive. Try to remember what the hell I’ve done so I don’t duplicate anything. Also started making a list of our movies on the iMbd site; but you have to type in every title and the list sorts things they way they want it sorted. Not a lot of options. (I file the OLD way: drop “the” to the end so “The Reluctant Astronaut (1967)” becomes “Reluctant Astronaut, The (1967).”

Downloaded & installed Ant Movie Program to try to get a handle on that. Kind of plain looking but it will import complete directories. Unfortunately you have to look up each movie to get the information on it. I’ll be playing with it and will let y’all know.

Other than that, just not much going on. SWMBO is in bed reading. I’m also listening to 17-meters until it’s time for the MCARC 2-meter Sunday Evening Chat Net.


Ok. Chat Net went well. Mostly.Six check-ins (including a NEW guy!) and we were mostly able to hear each other well. We Still Need A New Repeater!

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