Dang Normal Thursday!

And I really mean just that. Yes, the sun came out for a little while so the Dog and I went for a walk and we just lounged around the deck for awhile. But other than that it has been so normal it’s sickening.

funny_1_2 - Copy

Wait, I did make a trip to our bank in town to deposit the rent money. Straight there. Straight back. Since Blockbuster closed I hadn’t any reason to stop anywhere else.

Ain’t my life pathetic?! So I did my usual chores while a “Rambo” marathon ran in the background. Cleaned out the truck (behind the seats should have been designated a disaster zone!). Made a slight alteration to the wire-shelves in our closet so SWMBO can now hang her long dresses. Not that any of her dresses are really long (seeing as how she is, err, vertically challenged) but now she has a place to hang them that ain’t the back of the bedroom door.

Contacted Mason County PUD3 via e-mail to ask about old telephone poles; how much would one be and how much to put in. If they’re relatively inexpensive I might get one to be my “tower” for my radio antenna’s. Wow, Doc. What a unique way to kill yourself!


And that’s pretty much it. We be home safe. It is so much nicer driving into town to get SWMBO when it’s still light outside.

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