Great American Railroad Journey’s Marathon. Ready To Go!


Sometimes I think the Weather Guessers just have no idea what they’re doing. Which is why I call them Weather Guessers.

frew1aaaStill, not a whole lot going on around here other than the usual. So bored I’ve taken the Dog for 3 walks so far. We may have another in a bit if it doesn’t start raining.

Dinner is cooking. Covered some chicken and split tater with chili and it’s baking for about 2 hours @ 350 degrees. Starting to smell yummy! (It was yummy!)

Well, for some reason the guys couldn’t really hear me on the MCARC 2-meter Wednesday Chat Net tonight. Said my signal was mostly just noise. Wonder what’s going on now? Even switching radio’s didn’t help any.

Looking outside it is just barely (barely) snowing. Only the occasional small snowflake. Still wouldn’t mind seeing several feet around here.

Anywho, y’all are probably tired of hearing me ramble on about nothing. SWMBO is home and working on her homework. Think I’ll put the rest of dinner away and go lay down and read. Or do Tumblr. Probably.

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