Mostly A Non-Productive Day. Mostly.

Although I did go to the electrical shop in Gorst, again, to get a guesstimate for installing that connector. $100 and come back tomorrow @ 0900. Ok, I can live with that.

Not Another Obama Lie!

But I was back home by 1100. Got some chores done. Then took off for Olalla to work on my friends computer (and borrow his digital camera for our trip). Got there about 1200 and spent a good hour with him. Nothing he had was especially difficult except getting his old laptop to connect to his network. Got that but it will not access the internet. I checked everything I could think of. All the router settings are good. Finally had to admit that I just can’t figure it out. I Hate That!

Time To Relax!

So I came on home and I’ve been cleaning/setting up the tent trailer when I got off my ass (OLD ass) to do anything.  Even emptied my shop vac and vacuumed what I could. Took a lot of things out that I really can’t see us using (portable ice maker, giant microwave oven (we’ll take our much smaller one if we decide we need one), and other things that add up to about 300 lbs of “extra” weight. Of course, I’ll put it all back in when we get back and clean up.

Put my radio in my truck to get that out of the way and ready for the trip. Works great. I gotta get me some of those “Ham Sticks” so I can use the HF side when out and about. I’ll somewhat miss having it in the house, but I haven’t really been using it lately anyway. I gotta get back on that.

Long As I've Got A Face!

I was hungry by the time I hit Belfair so I stopped at DQ and got one of their $5 lunches on the way home so I shouldn’t be hungry for awhile yet. Probably a (very) little snack before bed. Just enough to take the pang off…

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