Doctor’s Appointment Went Well…

Almost. He had them do an EKG before our appointment; and they finally captured my heart pausing! Finally! The Doc thinks I might have “Afib” (meaning my heart occasionally doesn’t beat the way it should) and sometime in my past (no telling when) I might have had a heart attack. Wants me to have a couple of more tests before putting me on medication to slow my heart rate. Other than that everything seems okay. Even my blood pressure is not bad for a guy my age. The only real “worry” he has if my “good” Cholesterol isn’t as high as he’d like it.


So, I’m going to get an echo-cardiogram and wear one of those heart monitors for a day or two. We’ll go from there. Oh, I also have kidney disease; so he may put me on medication to help with that. My kidneys aren’t getting rid of some of the crap they’re supposed to. Boils down to I’m Getting Old really.


So all that pretty much shot my day. I was so hungry on the way home that I stopped and got one of DQ’s $5 lunches. It was good! Ought not to get hungry again until about bedtime. Also stopped at the Vape Shop.


Pretty cloudy out and kind of cool. Supposed to rain tonight. And it’s supposed to rain this Friday & Saturday; right in the middle of Field Day. Of course.

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