Dryer Day. Colder Though.

Which sucks more than it raining (to me). Dog and I did get out for a walk or two. Feet got soaked. No damage to our property or trees from the latest storm. (Man, the wind really howled a couple of times yesterday!)

Got off my ass and rearranged the “big” room and vacuumed the damned thing. SWMBO’s damned cat has left half a dozen puke marks on the carpet where the pool table used to be. That means I get to rent a carpet cleaner one of these days. Soon. I can’t say I hate that cat; but I can’t really say I like it either. (I’m not really an animal person.)

Dishes, laundry, the usual around the house. Put the canned Maters in the pantry. Made taco’s & refried beans for dinner. Just chillin’ until it’s time to go pick SWMBO up at the Ferry Terminal.


Heard a lot of “downed trees” and “downed power-line” call on the radio last night all over the region. Seems we had an F-1 Tornado touch down over near Puyallup. That is highly unusual for us! (From King 5: The National Weather Service has confirmed a tornado touched down near Puyallup Monday morning, causing damage to buildings and tipping a train off its tracks.)


And that’s it.

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