Wow. That Was A Nice Bout Of Snow

vlcsnap-00062It started snowing at 0730 this morning, I know cause I was sitting here looking out the window, and didn’t really stop until about 1530 this afternoon. We had 2 inches on the ground (and on our deck railing) by 1100. Got some great video on my phone.

So, the Dog and I went for several walks. He loves the snow! I don’t know what he’s looking for, but, he’ll stich his head under the snow looking for it.

Made the mail run at our usual time. On the way back got stuck behind one of our neighbors (that lives down the other end of the lane) stuck halfway up the hill. Waited while he cleared tire track’s; but that didn’t work. When he slid off to the side of the road I was able to pass him. Stopped and asked him if he had a tow-strap; he did. So we hooked it up and I pulled him the rest of the way up the hill. (Nice of me. Don’t tell anyone!)


Other than that just not a lot going on. Can’t remember anything really happening yesterday except for occasional snow flurries.

The MCARC 10-meter Tuesday Chat Net went well. I heard most everyone. They didn’t have any trouble hearing me! Glad I got my long-wire back up!

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