Busy Morning! Busy!

And it started at 0500 when the alarm went off. Had to wake SWMBO and get her going for the day. Pretty much got dressed, grabbed my coffee, and off we went!

Had to take her to Tacoma by 0700 so she could get her PPD read, then down to the train station so she could grab a train for Seattle. Then the drive home.

And I only had (HAD!) to pee the last half of the trip! (Old guy, you know.) But I made it.


Then she called me from the train station (she’d missed the earlier train) and didn’t need to do all this running around (early running around) anyway as she doesn’t actually start her new job until Wednesday! Wha! Excuse me. Wha?

So I went to the Ferry Terminal when she got in and picked her up. We’ve just been lounging around since getting home.

Well, she’s been lounging around. I’ve been pulling all her data off her laptop drive and trying to get that working again. It ain’t. So I’m saving what I can. Meanwhile I’ve got her set up on my laptop and I scanned (and e-mailed) a couple of documents for her. Anti-Virus scanning her hard drive and it’s already found 5 infected files. Aargh!


Starting to get tired…

Dang. Her laptop will boot into Linux Mint (Live) just fine. It’s gotta be the hard drive!

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