Well, Wasn’t Busy. Then…

I remembered that the cabinet refinishers are supposed to be here tomorrow to start work on our cabinets. Holy Shit! I still need to get everything (everything!) out of the kitchen. So I started that and still haven’t finished 4 hours later. Man, we have a lot of ‘stuff” in there!

Logan's Run.

Of course, SWMBO got home from church (late but don’t get me started) and said that she needs to eat by 1600 cause she has to be in Gig Harbor by 1630 for Choir practice. So she got Chili-Dogs & Bakes for dinner. But she did help get some of the stuff out of the kitchen while waiting for dinner. That was cool.

Then I find out that one of our OLD friends, a next door neighbor in Olalla, died today. Yes, she was 81 and had smoked for 71 of those years, and we didn’t see her that often since we moved, but she was a nice lady and will be missed. Bye, Pat.

Logan's Run Again

And that’s about it for today. Everything’s out of the kitchen. The rest of the house is a mess. MCARC 2-meter Chat Net is in about 20 minutes but now I really don’t feel like being Net Control tonight.

Dang! Forgot to post this last night.

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