Another Day Of Tech Support

And running around. SWMBO took me to COSTCO to look for a drive; didn’t find an affordable one. Stopped by Home Depot and looked at closet systems. Stopped by Safeway for Ham and Juice’s. Got home. Remembered we didn’t get a drive.

Drove back into Port Orchard and first stopped by Staples. Didn’t have a laptop hard drive in stock. On to Wal-Mart’s. They had a 500 GB drive for $54. Cool!


Got home, got comfortable, took 5 minutes to pop the new drive out of the external case, and, damned thing won’t work. No SATA connections. Just  USB 3.0 connection. Damn! Damn Damn! Put it back in the case.

So, made sure that I have pulled everything I can from her old drive and am reinstalling Windows 7 as a clean install. We’ll see if that works.

Well. It seems to be working. Did a full backup and she is reinstalling all her programs now. Had it do a full system backup just in case. Later I’ll have to copy all her data, pictures, mail, and whatever back to the correct places on her drive. Time consuming.


Other than that just not much going on. MCARC 10-meter Chat Net in a couple of minutes. Which didn’t go well. Could really hear only KF7VWA and sort of hear W7FBI (but could not tell what he was saying). Ah well.

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