Sometimes I Miss My Digger

I really do. I really enjoyed getting out and getting things done on the Digger even on crappy weather days like today. Just something about moving a lot of dirt & rocks or pushing things around on a large piece of equipment. Gonna need to rent one when we finally start building the back yard wall this next spring. Need to rent a small bulldozer for a weekend also to stir the driveways up sometime too.


Only Two More Days! Until Wednesday. That’s it. Just passing that on in case you didn’t realize it. When your days are as boring as mine you grab on to the silliest of things. Only 5 days until Friday! Which doesn’t mean anything to me as my weekends are exactly like any other day. Only 5 months until my 63rd Birthday! Only 21 months until that asshole is out of the White House! It’s the little goals that sustain us.


Not much going on for a Monday. Finished up the paperwork for my appointment this Friday and entered the address into the navigation system in my truck. Logged on and updated my medical stuff and tried to renew my prescriptions on the Naval Hospital website. About to get off my ass and get the rest of my chores done.


SWMBO just called and said that her boss is asking everyone to work some overtime this week; so she wants to. I’d have to pick her up at the later ferry though. No problem! I’d be glad to pick her up.

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