Otherwise, A Really SSDD Sunday.

Hell, I don’t even remember stepping outside today. Not once.  Kinda crappy out there anyway. Wet but not really raining. Cold. I was pretty much content to just stay inside and get my usual schtuff done. Laundry. Other chores I usually do on Sunday.


SWMBO made fried chicken for dinner. Pretty good meal. Tasty. She sat and watched “Maleficent” with me while we ate. Not something we usually do but neither of us felt like cleaning the (her) junk off the table. And we wanted to be able to watch it all before the MCARC 2-meter Sunday Evening Chat Net. I enjoyed both the movie and having her sitting close.


Not much else going on around here. Pretty normal Sunday really.


Net went well. Seven check-ins. I don’t always want to run the Sunday Evening Chat Net, but I always enjoy it after I’ve gotten it started and running well.

And that’s it from the Land Of Nod(dingoffcauseI’msofreakin’bored!).

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