Didn’t Feel Like Doing Much Today…

I hate waking with a  headache. Plus all the aches and pains from yesterday hanging on to this old body. I even slept until the alarm went off this morning! (Unusual.)

So I’ve mostly been cruising the net and being lazy. Was all I could do to get off my ass and pour myself a bowl of cereal this morning! For dinner I “made” chicken pot pies and salad. Good thing the salad came as a kit or we might not have had that!

Oh, No! A Sequel!?!

Damn, I’m getting old! This is one of those days I feel it in every muscle.

But, it was a mostly nice day out (if a big breezy) so the Dog and I went for a couple of walks. Them SWMBO joined us for one. (Those are always the best walks!) Now we’re just waiting around for some folks that want to drop by and take a look at the MILA. Hope they rent it. Unless they’re butt-heads then I hope they don’t. We could use the bucks though. We’ll see…

Did manage a couple of “flight” today and only ran into one tree! Overshot where I want to be and took out a branch. Didn’t break anything, thank goodness. Then, while taking off, one of the props came off. Guess I didn’t put that little clippie thingie back on well enough. My Bad. Good thing I was only a foot or so off the ground.

Just not much else going on. I’ll post this after the folks looking at the MILA leave…

Gee, Another dickwad just tried to hack my site:

This dickwad is in Spain!

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