Holy Crap! I’m Sore! And Old!

Worked in the basement putting up the final part of the wall for the new room. Damn I’m Getting Old! From mid-back down I’m so sore I can barely walk now. Even my Butt-cheeks hurt! Got it ready for drywall tomorrow though. SWMBO and our son went to Home Depot and got some drywall. They also stopped by Habitat For Humanity and got a couple of doors and associated hardware. Should have all the construction part done tomorrow.


Didn’t post yesterday. Too tired from being too busy working in the basement. What can I say? Nothing really goes on around here anyway. Told y’all I lead a boring life!

The 2-meter net last Sunday went okay; mostly. Had some problems with folks being able to hear each other through the repeater. Meaning they couldn’t. Much. Repeater guys are going to check it out this week.


10-meter net tonight was quick as only 4 of us checked in and most everybody could not hear the others. Conditions just weren’t right tonight. My danged antenna didn’t want to tune in and stay tuned. Guess it just wasn’t WET enough…


Speaking of which: Weather is slowly improving (for me) and “they” are calling for temps close to 80 degrees this week. Yeah, sure. When I see it I’ll believe it. We have had a nice couple of days just past though. Not as much rain as usual. Lots windier though!

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