Yep. Pretty Much Normal Around Here

Again. Well, it hasn’t been raining as much today as it has lately. Yesterday, now. Yesterday it rained a LOT. From the time I got up to almost bedtime last night it rained.


SWMBO took me for a perusal of St. Vinnie’s before taking me for a Whopper at Burger King over in Port Orchard. Actually, I took her to St. Vinnie’s cause I was looking for an old (but still working) Linksys router to play with. Want to try this HSMM-Mesh stuff one day.

Made our usual stop at Safeway on the way home. Got out of there fairly cheap, compared to what we usually spend, except I saw 3 movies that I just had to rent: San Andreas, Jurassic World, & Terminator Genesis. Guess what I’ll be doing the next couple of days.


Today, Sunday, was the most typical Sunday we’ve had in a whole week or so! My goodness. SWMBO made some great shrimp Alfredo stuff for dinner and we sat and watched “Jurassic World” together. (Not while eating though. Before that.) Now we’re just kind of chillin’.

San Andreas was okay. Having been SAR Aircrew “way back when” I know that an old Huey won’t do some of the things that “The Rock” made his do; but it was visually nice. And, having grown up in the San Fernando Valley, I sure do enjoy any movie where Los Angeles gets destroyed. I do. I just do. The movie was a mixture of ‘contrived” and hey, that was cool! And all the women had bouncy boobs.


Anywho, that’s pretty much it for tonight. Not only do I lead an extremely boring life, but I lead a pretty boring life too. Except for SWMBO!

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