I Need A New Computer Chair

Cause the one I have is rather uncomfortable. Seats not really wide enough (for my fat, old, ass) and my legs rest against the arm-rests. After awhile I get a burning/numbness down the outside of my thighs and my feet will start to “tingle.” So I think it’s time to get a new Computer chair.


A new Computer wouldn’t hurt things either. Actually, I don’t need a new computer as much as I need a new video card. Want something that’ll make MSFSX look a bit more “real.” I have a Core i3 system; would like to upgrade to a core i7 system with at least a GTX 780 Ti video card. I do like my Flight Simulators.


Pretty much SSDD today. Made a trip to the Post Office to pick up a box of stuff my Father-in-law sent. Lots of DVD’s of WWII left after Uncle Clarence died. Some stuff on flight and some really old (WWII) flight training films. Cool stuff!


And that’s really all that’s gone on today. Have some of the dvd’s ripped already and will start them converting to .mp4 before I go to bed. Which will be in a few minutes. Hopefully.

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