Mi asno querría un enano y un yate, por favor.

Sunday. Almost warm Sunday. Supposed to get to 71 degrees today. That’s almost warm. For around here it’s a veritable heat wave. WaRshingtonians really can’t make up their minds about hot & cold. 70 degrees? Too hot. 60 degrees? Too cold. Sun came out? Better forget how to drive. Sun goes behind a cloud? Better forget how to drive. Raining, not raining, road curves, road straightens out: Better forget how to drive.

But don’t get me started. Got caught behind our uphill neighbor coming home the other day. Young guy. Dipshidiot slowed down to 25 in a 35 zone (did I mention: with me behind him?). Then went 5 mph on our 15 mph road. Which indicates to me he’s a big guy with a small dick that compensates by making life hell for those around (or behind) him. Shits gonna hit the fan if I ever get the chance to tell him my opinion on the matter.

So, I’ve been reading before going to sleep for most of my life. Not a problem when I was still reading physical books. But I’ve been using a Kindle reader for the past several years and turning over and going to sleep has been “difficult” most of the time. I figured I was just getting old but it turns out it may have something to do with the “blue” light these things generate. At one time I had a pair of “blue blockers” but they didn’t really seem to help.

Since getting back from our vacation, I’ve been mostly just going to bed and not reading and falling asleep really fast (for me). Zonked until about 0430 when I wake up (I mean really awake!) and get up. Last night I read like I always have and spent the night getting up to pee about every 1.5 hours or so. “Slept” until 0545 this morning but don’t feel rested.

So tonight I’m going to try the just going to bed to sleep thing and see how that works. May be a life changer for me after doing it the old way most all my life. Mostly I think a day without reading is a wasted day so I’ll have to find time (other when taking a dump) to just sit and read a bit. Shouldn’t be too hard; I’m Retired! (And going back to real physical books just ain’t gonna work for me. We already have a library of physical books that fills our. well, library. No more room. And I can carry 3000 books in my back pocket electronically.)

Went out and took an hour to do the rest of the whack weeding. Then about 45 minutes to mow the back yard. Came in for a drink and told SWMBO that I hadn’t planned anything for dinner.

She asks “Want me to cook dinner?”

“Sure!” says I.

So she comes back in a few minutes and says “You pick the meat.”

“Excuse me?”

“You pick the meat and I’ll cook it.”

I admit it; I forgot. Heavy Sigh (trying to think of which meat).

NEVER sigh when a woman is talking to you! Ever! And a Heavy Sigh: Stee-Rike One!

“Fine!” she declares while stomping off.

“Well, Schweetie,” says I. “I thought you were going to fix dinner but you asked me to pick what you’re going to cook.”

Stee-Rike Two!

Apparently, there’s a difference between “You choose the meat.” and “You want me to pick what you cook.” Go figure.

I went outside. Figured that’d be the safest course of action for me. She knows where I sleep and I don’t want to hit strike three.

Wish me luck.

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