I Am Capable Of Learning!

Some few years ago, I learned that a simple nudge and “Turn over, Babe.” pretty much stopped the snoring coming from the other side of the bed. WAY fewer bad feelings than a rough nudge and “TAKE IT DOWNSTAIRS BEFORE I STUFF THE FUCKING PILLOW IN YOUR THROAT!!”  (Like I’d ever say that (out loud) to my lovely-young-bride of 31 years.)

2017-10-23 12.04.08

Just nothing going on around here. Probably why I haven’t posted recently. SWMBO got back from Ohio last Tuesday. Short work week for her. Pretty much normal for me.

My lovely-young-bride of 31 years and I had our usual Saturday Date last Saturday (of course). She took me to the all-you-can-eat Chinee place in Port Orchard. Spent more than our usual at WalMart on the way home.


Dog and I continue to make our walks every day rain or shine. He don’t care what the Wx is. I don’t really if I dress for it. Don’t like it getting cold though.

Anywho, pretty short post tonight. Nothing Has Been Going On Except SSDD. Really. And I’ve been as boring lately as I usually am.Go figure.

Saving up to buy a Yeasu FT-991A. Cool!

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