Too Danged Cold To Post!

Has been for the past couple of days. Had some (some) snow yesterday (Sunday) afternoon but it was all gone by suppertime. Wind chill has been down into the teens! Even the Dog tries to hurry on our walks. (Tries but can’t cause of that fat OLD guy following along behind him.)

Will either Snow or Not. None or a Lot. No in-between around here.

Been windy here too. All kinds of reports of tree’s down and power lines burning them up and power outages. Today the light at the airport was out (and some people forget to treat those as 4 way stop signs!). Dog and I were pretty close to a BIG tree that came down on the property next door while out on our walk yesterday. Real sudden there was a lot of snap, crackle, big snap, whoosh, and THUMP about 40 feet away. Cool!

Date Day with my Lovely Young SWMBO went well. Burger King, St. Vinnie’s, and Walmart but we took our time. I like our Date Day. I just plain like spending time with her.


She had today off work so I took her to breakfast at F-H-P. She’s been binge watching “This Old House” on the new Roku tv. And fabric stuff. Glad she gets to do the things she wants every so often.

I’ve been pulling files off the two TU 5 TB drives my F-I-L sent me. Neither will show up as a drive on my Linux machine (or the Windows laptop) but PhotoRec see’s them just fine. Pulled 2 TB of stuff off the first drive. Up to 450 GB off the 2nd drive so far and still going strong. I don’t think I’m going to have enough room on the external drive …


Finally started playing with psk31 in fldigi on the Raspberry Pi3 again today. Putting out 5 watts I got signal reports from LA to Virginia and points in between. Cool. Now to get my macro’s set up so I can make contacts again. And I want to see if I can get easypal to work.

The NMARES Monday Net went well. That Fusion repeater is working rather well.

Anywho, that’s probably about it. Gonna go read a bit.

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