It’s Another Wet Wednesday! Yay!

Pulled the Caravan onto the front yard to get it closer, and easier to get under, to run a wire for power for my radio. And maybe an antenna wire. Pulled the fronts off part of the cabinets and found a bunch more storage room if we don’t mind how it looks. Just looks open and you can see some of the internal wires and pipes. I may leave them open for the storage; subject to SWMBO’s opinion, of course.


Grass is still wet from the drizzle we’ve had this morning so I’m not crawling under the Caravan today. Still crappy outside but supposed to start getting better (meaning warmer) tomorrow. Good! In the 80’s by this weekend according to MJ. Good!

Thinking of designing a 20-USB charger thingie that’ll run off 12 volts. Have 10 2-amp slots on top and 10 1.<whatever> amp slots on the bottom. Drill one small hole for the wire, permanently hook it to a 12 volt power supply, screw it to whatever, and charge all your shit when you need to. We never seem to have enough USB slots to charge all our stuff when we’re away from home. Not without packing a lot of chargers along. (Just found a 12-USB unit online. There goes another bright idea!)


So I ordered the Sabrent 60 Watt (12 Amp) 10-Port Family-Sized Desktop USB Rapid Charger and a 6-pak of 1 foot long USB Cables from Amazon. $51 total; which I don’t think is too bad. Will be able to use the thing in the house and take it along when we go “camping.” Hell, it should plug into that outlet I have on the dashboard of the truck. (My TRUCK has a 110 volt outlet on the freakin’ dash! My Truck!)

MCARC 2-meter Wednesday Chat Net went well. About half an  hour before the Net I got involved in talking to some students in the current Technician Class in Shelton. That was fun.

And SWMBO got home safe. So that means it’s about bedtime for this old fart.

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