Damn, I’m Outta Shape!

Yes, I know round is a shape. But not the shape I want to be in! And I found out that I’m REALLY outta shape today when I thought “Dang. It’s a nice day. Let’s start work on the raised garden beds!” OMG! Moving the one raised bed over 2 feet and shoveling that quarter ton of dirt damned near crippled me!!! (I had to move it so SWMBO could mow between the garden beds. Guess it was easier (FOR HER!) than hooking up and running the weed whacker between them.)


But I don’t argue with her. Right, wrong, or indifferent it’s usually easier to let her have her way until she (finally!) see’s it my way. Smile

But I am sore now. Especially along the back of my legs. And my smashed fingers. Let’s not go there. (Thought I’d forgotten that kind of language in public!)

BOOB in a Shirley  Temple Movie?

So we all went for a walk a bit later to work the stiffness out. Felt good. Still stiff.

NMARES meeting tonight @ 1900 at the QFC here in town. I think it’s about time to elect new club officers. I don’t wanna be President of the club anymore. You can’t DO anything nor get anyone else to DO anything but meet once a month for shooting the shit. It frustrating!


I think It’s pretty funny that some Democrats want to be exempt from the Obamacare Mandate. Nice to hear what your leaders really think of you.

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