Quite A Wind We Had Last Night!

Trees down all over the area. Power outages. Lot’s of road closures that still aren’t clear today. The “unprepared” are freaking out. Took the Dog for a tour of the back 40 to check for damange (and to take some pictures to test my new phone/camera) and there really wasn’t that much new damage. Branches down and it’s soaking; but otherwise pretty normal.


Yep, drove back to COSTCO and got a Droid Maxx 2. It was spendy, but, when you consider that I was planning to buy a new camera soon, it really wasn’t that bad. It has a 21mp rear camera; which is more important to me than making calls (since I get only 4-5 calls a month and make only 1-2 calls a month. If that.). It’s a bit bigger than my old Droid, and the case that comes with it sucks, but it seems to be a nice phone.

So, been spending the last couple of hours reinstalling the apps I like and getting mail set up and all that stuff. Haven’t tried making a call yet. Getting the danged thing to connect to our network was a pain until I finally typed in the right MAC ID. (I was only 1 number off. If it was really a smart phone it would have recognized that and corrected it by itself!)


It came with a butt-ton of “accessories,” but, the one I like best (so far) are the blue tooth headphones. Paired those with my tablet and was watching “The Martian” and the sound was pretty good. Think I’ll keep those. (Except I don’t really like those “stick IN the ear” type cause they make the insides of my ears itch.)

Time To Start Working On The Garden For 2016

MCARC 2-meter Wednesday Evening Chat Net went well. I didn’t have to be Net Control. Not that I really would have minded. But I’d rather just be one of the check ins for awhile.

Crap! Lights are flickering.

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