My Ass Has Been Officially Kicked!

ds9-2SWMBO’s cold is kicking my ass! I’m too old for this crap! Worse part is not the glob of “stuff” hanging to the back of my upper plate. It’s the whole of my upper teeth hurting.

I don’t have any teeth. Upper or Lower.

At least, that I don’t put in a cup of water every night.


But the Dog and I did get our burning done today. Was nice being outside. Felt so good I started dismantling the 3rd raised bed garden bed. Gotta get it all moved for when I rent a digger and put in the new “road” for pulling the Caravan around the house.


So I later assumed the position: knees on floor, body on couch, head buried in cushions. Finally got things to start draining from the front. Not sure that’s an improvement. But I guess anything is better than that post-nasal.

Made myself fried shrimp for dinner. Just that. Fried shrimp. Other than just not feeling like making anything else, which I probably couldn’t have tasted, I only wanted shrimp. Or fishsticks. Shrimp won. Yay, Shrimp.


I’ve had enough hot tea to float a battleship. Think I’ll go take a hot shower and go lay down and read.

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