Gonna Get Wet Around Here!


Was going to do my usual short and to the point post, but, the weather is changing rather quickly tonight and it’s got the right side of my head pounding. Good thing it’s about bedtime!

And, of course, the left side of my head will feel left out and it’ll start pounding sometime tomorrow. I’m NOT looking forward to it.

allison05At least I got out of the house for a couple of hours today while it wasn’t raining and my head didn’t hurt. Made a run to Walmart to get some new forks to replace those SWMBO & Son have lost/misplaced. We were down to two forks in the house. That could be found.

Splurged and got NCIS Season 2&3 since they were on sale for less than $10 each. Yeah, I can be a wild and crazy guy sometimes.

Oh, made my first contacts on 900 MHz last night before hitting the rack. Nice. Think I’ll be joining that group for their Wednesday night Net. Unfortunately it starts a mere 15 minutes before the MCARC Wednesday night 2-meter Net.

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