Busy Or Lazy? I’ll Be The Judge! :)

I don’t know if I haven’t posted because I’ve been too busy or just too damned lazy. I kinda sorta think maybe a combination of both! But, that’s life.

We had 3 or 4 days of thunder around here depending on where you live in the greater Seattle area. I got quite a bit of it on video before it petered out in our area. Was really nice except for that time lightning went off right overhead while Poop Dog and I were out playing with antenna’s for my truck! So we quit doing that and just sat back and enjoyed the sound…

Wx has been pretty good for the last week or so. Get naked and lay out kind of wx! I like it! Kind of cloudy and much cooler the last two days but it’s supposed to get warmer by the weekend again. I like it!

SWMBO and I are planning a couple of tanks of gas for a trip to Mt. St. Helen’s sometime in the next couple of weeks. It’s been 25 years of so since we’ve been down that way just to mess around. Should make a great “day trip.”


We’ve been spending a lot more time together since she lost her job and I quit smoking. (Four months and counting!!!) Since we really can’t afford to go out and spend a lot of bucks we’ve been going out for breakfast on Date Night (Every Friday) and watching a movie at home that evening. Actually sitting next to each other and watching a movie. Cool! I like doing things with her! (Even after all these years.)


Found out I can re-encode my movies to .mp4 format and get better resolution in (usually) less space so I’ve been re-encoding my movies for the movie drive. Most of our tv shows you can download in .mp4 format already so that’s cool. (I don’t download movies.)

Friend of mine came over and we took apart the carb in the RV generator, cleaned it up real good, put it back together and it is running like a champ now. Hit the button and it starts right up and runs until you turn it off (just like it’s supposed to).


SWMBO bought some really heavy-duty shelves for the other side of the pantry and I got those in. Would like to get six more sets and replace the (sagging) shelves already in there. And take them all the way up to the ceiling if possible. Moved the (heavy damned) full freezer to under the window in the pantry and it’s starting to look pretty good in there.

My days are spent taking the occasional walk (depending on the wx), listening to the ham radio, listening to the tv in the back ground or otherwise just being lazy. Laundry and house cleaning a bit. Trying to straighten up my hard drives and get all my data in one place. Checking the job hunting sites. Puttering around really.

Our garden is doing great this year! The Peas and Corn are really growing and the “maters” are about to bust the fence I have them behind. No, we don’t grow enough to feed us for any amount of time, but it does add a bit to the annual food and it’s kind of fun to “grow our own.” I suppose if we really *had* to we could clear enough land and set it up for a really big garden; but you’re talking a whole lotta work there!!!

Been reading “

Everything Is Going to Kill Everybody: The Terrifyingly Real Ways the World Wants You Dead [Paperback] Strong language alert!

” by Robert Brockway. If you haven’t read it, check it out. He covers about everything that’s happening now (real stuff) that could kill all of us. It’s a gloom-n-doom persons book to read! (Then go watch 2012!)

Been trying to keep up with Facebook, Google+ and Tweeter but sometimes it’s just too much to keep up with. Still making time-lapse video’s of the clouds but haven’t “made” any music to go with them so I haven’t been uploading those to YouTube. Have been uploading video of me playing in MSFSX and will probably upload some video of me crashing in X-Plane. Need to get off my ass and upload the pictures I’ve been gathering (taking) to my Gallery, Picassa and Flickr. Haven’t worked on my “Stan For Dictator” site for a couple of weeks now and we really need to defeat Obama.

Been mostly just listening on the Ham Radio lately and not really making many contacts. I’m still interested in doing it but get side-tracked and wind up doing something else. The “North Club” meetings still suck for attendance and am still treasurer of the “South” Club and drive to Shelton at least once a month for meetings. Been thinking of resigning from both…

And, that’s about it from around here. Told you I lead a boring life!

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