I Have Been Absolutely Useless These Past Few Days!

Cause the weather has been absolutely fantabulous for almost 4 days now! Low to mid 80’s. Sunny. Hot. Lay out and lay about weather! Hard to get anything done cause I keep stopping to just sit in the sunshine and chill.

And, really, not much else going on around here. I think I kind of like the laid back lifestyle.

So I’m converting all 11 seasons of Married With Children to mp4 files for the tv drive. Listening to the radio and Big Bang Theory in the background. Working on my Stan For Dictator site. In other words: Nothing really productive.


Found a couple of apps for my desktop to keep me up to date on what’s happening on my Facebook and Twitter pages. Nice not to have to check-in to see what’s happening. Not that anything happens anyway. You should read my absolutely boring tweets! Smile with tongue outNo, you shouldn’t.

SWMBO is off to town. Had lunch with the girls and took  Mary (our renter) to COSTCO. Should be back anytime.

Flower in the desert[1]

Earlier, I was out sitting on the deck contemplating taking off my shorts when the doorbell rang. Answered the door and there were two BIG Sheriff deputy’s! Uh Oh. But they asked if Mary Ward (our renter) lived here and if I’d seen her lately. Her daughter in Oklahoma hadn’t heard from her for a couple of months and was worried.

Told them Mary was out with SWMBO having lunch with the girls and that she’d had dinner with us last night. And that I’d have her call her daughter when she got home even if she had to use my phone.

But, still. It’s always a surprise to answer the door and find a couple of cops! Laughing out loud

Anywho, that’s about all that’s going on around here. Think the dog and I’ll go for another walk on the back 40.

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