Yeah. It Was A Busy Day Yesterday

I spent yesterday either prepping for painting, actually painting, or cleaning up after painting. And it took all damned day for one damned room. Looks good though. Lots better than it did. Now I just have to pick up the molding (and install it), Counter Tops (and build the support for/install  them), get SWMBO to fix my curtains (and install them), and get all my stuff moved back into my room. Shouldn’t take more than a week or so.


Got up way too early for a Saturday and drove to Shelton for the MCARC monthly meeting. It lasted 1.5 hours this time and I thought everyone would never stop talking towards the end. Nice meeting though. Have some things to do with the website; and figure out how to find out who are AARL members so we can get affiliated with AARL. Something about we get some of the fees back when we renew our club membership through AARL. I don’t know. Yet.


Really foggy out for the drive over and back. I’m sitting around waiting for SWMBO to come home so we can go out and do the things we need to do. Home Depot here we come! (Probably via Teriyaki Chicken first.)


Which is exactly how it turned out. Teriyaki Chicken, Home Depot (where I bought molding and my counter tops), Safeway, and home. All with the best Date in the world! (I am a pretty lucky guy!)

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