So, Am I The Only One

That drinks Sweet Tea with his Beef Enclilada Grande TV Dinner? Really felt like having a Taco Salad (without rice) from Taco Bell (which I know isn’t real Mexican food), but, (and this is a big but), I really didn’t feel like going through evening traffic to get one. So I found this dinner (right, dinner) in the freezer and thought I’d give it a go.

Now Worth 20% Of Face Value!

Blond12cYes. It’s worse than it sounds. I either should have not been such a wimp about traffic, or had the canned yak bile off the pantry shelf. This is spiced like every (White, sorry to say) American thinks Mexican is supposed to be spiced: almost too hot to eat. Either gonna have some killer farts later, or the screaming shits. Whatever happens I will NOT throw up cause I don’t want to taste this ever again.

Actually kind of a lazy day for me today. I mean really lazy. Barely finished my usual chores and have been outside only to go check mail. Otherwise just been moving things around on my computer and external drives, finishing up laundry that I didn’t finish up yesterday. Kind of straightening up my room.


My desktop computer has developed a “vibration” over the past couple of days. In my (not so humble) experience that means the power supply could be going TU. Or another hard drive. So tomorrow I’m probably going to take it apart and clean it up real good and rebuild it. Thinking of putting that PNY SSD in and just installing a completely new system (since it seems I’m really not using the dual boot Windows 7 anymore). Hate rebuilding my mail and all that, but, I think I have a work around. May swap out one of the 2-TB drives for a 5-TB drive I have “laying around.”


Looks like I’m going to get to pick SWMBO up tonight. She’s going to let me know if it’ll be QFC or the Ferry Landing. (Hope it’s QFC though. But don’t tell her.)

I need some Jello.

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