Thursday Morning Contemplations

So, sitting here at my desk @ 0730 this drizzly Thursday morning, I have to say that there is really only one thing that pisses me off about this Truck. I originally set out to buy a truck on my own; to build up my credit and do something without asking my lovely young bride for money. Too long I’ve had to ask her for the bucks to do anything. (I needed a new truck with better towing too, so it wasn’t just to do something on my own.)


Somehow, and I’m really not too sure how, SWMBO got involved in the financing part and it’s too late to keep her off the paperwork. I know she had to sign off on the old truck to trade it in, but where did it turn to the financial part? I don’t know to blame Haselwood for being Haselwood, or myself for being stupid. But I don’t think I’ll ever be able to change it with this truck. Not even if I refinance at our Credit Union.

So I’m really not a happy camper about that. Otherwise I really like the truck. And other than that Haselwood has been great to deal with; everyone has been nice and they really did give me (what I think was) a great price on a nice truck. I don’t know how I’m going to be able to answer that survey when I get it. If it’s only about Marcus (my Salesman) then no problem. He was pretty good. But, if they ask about “overall experience,,,” (Naw. Who am I trying to kid? Overall it was pretty good. I’m just upset right now about the financing. But, no one held me down and forced me to sign the paperwork either. Maybe I really wanted a new truck and didn’t realize it. Or maybe I am just stupid.)

I have been lusting after a full-sized, “King” cab, 4×4 truck for years.

Time to get off my ass and get my day started!

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