Friday! Date “Night” With My Schweetie!

So we got up early and went to see “The Wolverine.” Good movie but about half an hour too long. Enjoyed the effects. Enjoyed the sound(s). Enjoyed Hugh Jackman in a role that he’s defined. Came away wondering “What the hell?” Just not as satisfying as even the last Wolverine movie. Something was missing but I couldn’t tell you what. Enjoyed the movie though.

The Wolverine

Then we ate at KFC, as usual. Came straight on home cause SWMBO had some online training to do at 1430; which turned out to last only 30 minutes or so. Damn, we could have been spending money at COSTCO or Safeway!

So I got off my lazy old ass and mounted the lattice she got yesterday and let her intertwine her honeysuckle into it. Danged stakes I bought to stabilize the bottom of the lattice aren’t long enough so I’m going to have to make something to hold it still in the wind. Shouldn’t be a biggie…


Not much else going on. We all  went for a walk then I watered the garden. Time to pick some more peas & beans! Kind of listening to “Jack The Giant Slayer” in the background while I putter around the house. Partially cloudy but still warm. Hope all the clouds clear out before the 11th & 12th so I can see the Perseids.

SWMBO took me to Safeway this late afternoon. I really don’t like the crowds that are there during “rush hour.” But I don’t usually like crowds anyway since Desert Storm (1).

The Jellyfish Nebula

We’re going to sit and watch “Despicable Me” together…

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