Again–Holy Crap! It’s Wet Out There!

Man, even for a place where it rains a lot, we’ve had a lot of rain the past few days. It’s really coming down out there right now! Supposed to get wetter and windier later today too. I’ve got everything charging that can charge so if the power goes out I can do things. Heck, I can turn my phone into a wifi hotspot if I need to. Wouldn’t last more than a couple of hours but I could.

HM1 Stan King. Desert Storm I

Sprayed that texturing on the new walls in my room. It doesn’t look right though and II ‘m thinking I’m going to have to re-do it with a different sprayer. Or by roller. Think I’ll get SWMBO’s opinion on it before doing anything else. (Holy, Shit! That’s probably a smart thing to do!) But I didn’t wait. Just didn’t look right to me so I mixed up another batch and applied it with a roller. Looks like it’s supposed to now.

I Took This At Black's Beach 1988

So, let me get this straight. News is covering people who built houses on “Wash Away Beach,” who are surprised that their homes are being washed into the ocean. Hmmm. “Wash Away Beach” would have been a big clue for me.

Bowl of chili with hot dog for dinner. Slice of apple pie with whipped cream and a scoop of Rocky Road Ice Cream for desert. Ready for a nap now.

Took SWMBO To See Pink Floyd

Wind is really starting to kick up and the lights just flickered enough to set off the battery backup. And it’s supposed to get worse until around 0400 tomorrow.

2014-12-12 02.51.33

Looking ugly out there!

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