Wow! Thunder Boomers Early!

WAY early. At 0147 we had such a boom of thunder that it was probably directly overhead. Woke me up and I looked at the clock is how I know what time it was. Laid there listening to fairly regular thunder for about another 10 minutes or so before just falling back asleep. You could hear it start way off in the distance and move towards, and over, our place. It was cool!


I thought about getting up and setting my video camera up but figured it would all be over before long; so I didn’t. Only saw a couple of flashes of lightning too. Ah well.

Got up and did all my “usual” things this morning. About noon I went and parked at the school and took the shuttle to the “Taste of Hood Canal” (Belfair Bites) down along the street where Safeway is. Got my usual pictures of all the old cars and did my usual walking around. It was fun! Not too hot out but still nice enough. Another fine display.

Picked a butt-ton of beans and peas from the garden. When SWMBO got home we went down and picked some more. Good batch of everything this year. Even the corn is growing big! (Unusual for my garden.) No, we don’t have enough of anything to last a year; but we  have a few meals worth. I suppose we could turn the whole yard into a “garden,” but then we’d be Farming!

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