Well. It’s Monday. Again.

But at least it’s supposed to be a nice day. Not as hot. Which means I should get off my fat, old, ass and mow the lawns. Looks like a weed farm out there what with all the bright yellow flowers sticking up in the air! Probably need to start moving the rest of the cinder blocks to get them out of the way. Need to pull out the metal rods I use to hold the snow fence to keep the deer out. Should move the Caravan to get it out of the way.


But, I’m Retired and may or may not today.

So, I got out and mowed the front-lower, back, and actual front yards. Finished off the laundry I didn’t get completed yesterday. Washed my truck. Cleaned up the kitchen and finished cleaning the BBQ from the pork chops the other night. All my usual chores are done. I gotta quit drinking coffee in the mornings!


Tracked down, downloaded, and installed MoneyManagerEX for Linux (works great and that means another Windows program I can switch to Linux).


Got up to only about a humid 80 degrees today. Which has most everyone up here complaining. They aren’t used to the heat; and they’re really not used to high humidity. Wx Lady on Channel 13 seemed pretty excited about it though. (Or the studio was a lot cooler!)

And, that’s it for another night. Just not a lot goes on around here. Getting this Linux to working. Getting the Windows 7 VM to working with the hopes of replacing it. Listening to the repeaters. Getting things done. Just your average Joe …

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