I Keep Looking Around …

Yesterday, I took the coward’s way out. I could not watch them put Jack “to sleep.” Thought I could, but when it came right down to the moment I couldn’t. Hell, I couldn’t even tell the woman at the front desk that we needed to do it. Got as far as “I think we need to arrange for” then locked up crying right in front of everyone. So we got to one of the exam rooms, the Vet came in and talked for awhile, they took him and did it.

What’s “funny” is that, 27 years ago I was there when our 18 month old Son (Patrick) died. The next year I was there when my Mom died. (In fact, made the decision not to resuscitate her when she finally started to fail.) But I couldn’t be there for a stupid Dog. Fuck.

So yesterday, aside from the heavy rain, wasn’t a very good day. Spent most of the afternoon eating candy bars and missing my Dog.

b02aToday I made a Netflix run and stopped by ACE Hardware for some things. Got out in the rain and guyed my 6BTV antenna so I don’t have to keep taking it down when the wind kicks up.

Kept looking around to make sure Jack was okay and hadn’t wandered off. I’m just so used to having him along and looking after him. Fuck.

I get to pick SWMBO up this evening then run her to her class in Gig Harbor. She’s made some kind of pudding stuff for their Halloween celebration and I have to remember to take that along. It’s also why I getGloria04a to pick her up tonight. Something about not wanting pudding to sit in her car all day or something like that. (Almost like it’ll go bad and poison everyone.) Means I’ll get to see her several hours earlier but I also get to sit in the truck for THREE (3!) HOURS waiting on her. Gotta remember to take my tablet.

Finally got into the basement and started making piles. One pile for recycling or donating. One pile for trash. One pile of wood and wood scraps that I might need someday. Have 3 large boxes of CD cases that I’ll probably never use again. I have a butt-ton of cabinet doors. (Which are the spendy parts of cabinets.) Did so much straightening up that you can actually move around down there again. (At least in that one area.) Cool!

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