Again. Pretty Normal Sunday.

About the only things I managed to get done today was mowing part of the yard with the weed whacker mower, BBQ some ribs and steamed some cauliflower for dinner, and most of the laundry. But, Hey, it’s Sunday and I’m allowed to be a bit lazy.


And, as it is a hot day (Love Them!) the Dog and I took off all our clothes and went for a walk. Then we watered the garden. If I thought we could get away with it we’d go for a walk up the road; but the neighbors would probably freak. Ah well. One day.


Not much else going on. Don’t really expect a lot of check-ins on the MCARC 2-meter Sunday Chat Net tonight; but I’ll start it up anyway just in case. Nice Wx like this I expect everyone that can be out somewhere will be out somewhere.


Wow! We had 5 check-ins and the net lasted about 45 minutes. Unusual. Usually we top out at about 25 minutes. That was cool.

Anywho, that’s about it for tonight. Just not much happening and I’m going to watch the next “episode” of Ken Burns National Parks.

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