News @ 11! (I’ll Be Asleep Though.)

So, basically, I’m in the position that some wives find themselves in. Married forever. Spouse dies. Can’t get a loan for anything because they have no credit. While I don’t blame the “banks” for wanting their money, it still sucks. (Luckily, my spouse hasn’t died and will outlive me by a long time!) Turns out the “bank” was worried about my debt to income ratio. Never mind that I know what I’m doing and will commit to making the payments cause I know that I can. Let’s figure out a lot of other shit and make our own rules. Unfortunately you have to do it or do without. Bastards. I hate not being treated as an adult.


Not much else going on. Raining. Fog just at the tree-top level. It’s like Nature is trying to dump a summer’s worth of rain on us in a couple of weeks before getting to the Winter rain. Burned the rest of the trash while it was raining and finally got that out of the way.

Feeling short of breath today. I smoked way too long.


And that’s pretty much it. Spent the rest of the day just chillin’ and not doing much at all. Watched “Jack The Giant Slayer” and am doing “Ender’s Game” now. Don’t think I’ll finish it tonight.

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