Damned Hot Today! Loving It!

I like it hot outside. The best days, for me, are those where you wear just enough for modesty (so the neighbors can’t call the Police!) and spend as much time outside as you can. I wish I was at the beach, but, oh well. You can’t really swim up here anyway. (Unless you’re under 12 years of age and your balls haven’t dropped yet.)

Bought a trailer wiring harness and installed it earlier today. Everything was working just fine when I took of for my friends house to pull his travel trailer camper thingie back here. Got it all hooked up and nothing worked on the trailer. Then nothing worked just checking the wiring harness even though all the lights and turning signals continue to work on the truck itself. Hmmm. My friend hooked up his truck and not everything worked on the trailer. Then his truck died from a run down battery. Go figure.


So he’s going to charge his battery and pull the trailer over here so I can work on it. Hopefully it’ll be a small problem and I can get everything working okay.

Except SWMBO has a job interview in Seattle tomorrow. We still haven’t heard from that other company that is trying to hire two new coders. We still don’t know if we’re making the trip to the Hollie Family Reunion or not. We kind of need to go one way or the other soon!


Camper Trailer has been delivered. Gotta get out tomorrow and pressure wash it. Friend says it’s just been sitting in his side yard for 5-6 years. Indicated we may “work a deal” for it. Cool!

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