Yeah. Sure.

But, some of the Wx Weenies think we could get up to 15 inches of low-land snow by Friday. With only half of it sticking. Still pretty good for around here. Not likely to happen; but it could.

I just love that word (could) and how reliant the “News” folks are on using it. “Thing could have been much worse! Back to you, Jerry in the studio.” “Many more people could have died!” “The COVID could kill us all except you could wear your masks and that could make things better. Couldn’t it?” Dipshidiots. If only we could give a damn.

I use a (Windows) program called Streamwriter to listen to Internet music stations. I really like the ChillTrax and Costa Del Mar (Mellow) stations. Turns out our DSL pretty much handles streaming, either music or video, as long as SWMBO and I don’t try HD streams at the same time. Discovery+ is working out great. YouTube mostly comes through in HD. My courses through The Learning Company usually doesn’t stutter. I still wouldn’t turn down high speed cable Internet though …

I see where the half-time show for the Superbowl didn’t exactly thrill anyone. Was that this weekend?

I should have been a Geologist.

Hey, it changed! Looks like the Dog and I could see some snow on our walk today. Cool.

Australia is becoming more and more attractive…
Nope. Didn’t see any snow on our walk. Ah, well. Froze our balls off though. Well, I did. Dog doesn’t have any. He gives me a dirty look each time I mention that. Poor Dog. Poor Ball-less Dog.

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