Rain. Wind. Rain. Hard Rain.

But otherwise a pretty normal Sunday. Was really raining out there a couple of times today. But then the sun peaked out for a minute or two. Then back to rain. Needless to say we stayed inside all day.

I'm SO Glad I Didn't Go With Apple Computers Way Back When!

Been doing laundry (done), watching some of the shows I downloaded and “flying” all over the world in MSFX. Listening to the radio in the background to hear any Wx related stuff. Not much going on out there.

SWMBO is making her famous grilled steaks, baked taters & green beans for dinner. Yummy! (Oops. She changed her mind. Instead of green beans we’re having that “Normandy-Style” mix. It’s okay; but I wouldn’t have chosen it over green beans.)

MCARC Sunday Night 2-meter Chat Net went okay for the Repeater still being messed up. Had a brand new Ham (KG7EOU-Samantha) check in. Cool!

Seen Enough?

And that’s pretty much it from the land of Noz…

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