About Six Hours Of Snow Today

Came down in about, oh, six hours or so. Couple of inches in some places. Dog enjoyed it when we went for walks. I did too cause it wasn’t rain. Took a butt-ton of pictures. Yep, started snowing at 0900 just as the Dog and stepped out for our first walk and stopped just after 1500.

2018-02-20 12.44.08

Not a lot going on. Made a run to town to mail a letter, get some things at Safeway, and stop by the Verizon store. Kinda fun driving in the snow. But I know how.

Made “Cheese Sausage & Cabbage Stew” for dinner. It was okay. (Okay as in fairly good.) We’ll see what SWMBO thinks of it if she has any of it when she gets home.


Well, SWMBO is home but not feeling very well. Has had a stomach ache all day. Bummer! Hate when she feels bad. She did say dinner smelled good though. Smile

Anywho, need to order some things from Amazon; but will probably wait until tomorrow since I feel some reading coming on. Later!

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