I Think I’ll Sue My Denturist.

Because, in this day of “Let’s Sue Everybody For Everything” Gone Wild, IF he hadn’t fitted me for, manufactured, and installed my dentures, I wouldn’t be as fat as I am today. After all, you can eat only so much with 3 or 4 good teeth left in your mouth. Without them (the dentures) SWMBO would have had to “pre-chew” my food for me and we’d have been that much closer doing things together; so I guess I could also sue him for alienation of affection. I fully expect to win given the dipshidiot Judges we have. I’ll keep you posted.

They'd Make Some Good Looking Kids.

Really nice day out so I really did try to spend as much time as I could outside. Me and the Dog took off all our clothes, no, wait, I never did get any on so forget that. Anywho, the Dog and I toured the back 40 a few times or otherwise spent time out.

Playing With www.gifyoutube.com

Moved the Tent Trailer to a slightly different spot for winter storage. Set it all up to make sure all the pipes are drained and opened up the water tank. Tomorrow (probably) I’ll put most everything back into it, spray it liberally with bug spray, and close it back up for the Winter. Cause it’s getting to be about that time of the year.

We bought a couple of packages of BBQ Ribs at Safeway the other day ($5/ea) and had those for supper this evening (after charcoaling them on the BBQ, of course). SWMBO made some kind of rice with mater stuff in it and I added peas. Was good.

Breath Taking Clara Oswald!

Watched the latest Doctor Who. Still not sure if I like him or not.

ARES Check-in this month then the MCARC 2-meter Sunday Evening Chat Net. I really am getting burned out on being Net Control every week. Maybe it’s time to rotate it for awhile?… Turned out I could be heard, but could not hear. WAY too much interference. I could barely understand what was being said. So I bowed out for tonight. AE7GC ran it and did a pretty good job.

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