Actually Missed Date Day Yesterday

70e50bf89e79b74c4efe49a53195072dWe didn’t go on Date Day cause SWMBO is down in San Diego visiting her brother before heading off to Oregon, Ohio to visit her folks. She’s been itching to go visit her brother ever since I visited him last July (after my step-mom’s funeral) and reported back to her that “That boy is fucked up.” Man, her “fix-it mode” kicked in and she’s been chomping at the bit to get down there and get started on him. Poor guy.

So we couldn’t have Date-Day yesterday. I was going to go out anyway; and wound up going to Safeway for $32 worth of stuff and having a single pizza bread thingie while watching Amazing Spaces. And except for missing SWMBO it was okay.

106243_D0210b_76d36258.JPGNot a lot going on around here. Me and the Dog still go for our walks even though the weather has turned rather cool. Hasn’t really been raining a lot so that’s good. Except the trees really need the rain.

Today was a fairly normal day for us. Even with SWMBO gone for a couple of weeks. So used to eating around 1530 that I had dinner ready and was eating by 1600. Will be looking for a snack later …

And that’s it. For some reason (The onset of Winter?) I just don’t feel like posting as much as I have in the past. Part of it is I’m so boring. Part is that I have other things on my mind lately. And a really Big part is that I’m boring. Even to myself.

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Flight To A Prehistoric Planet: Earth 2016

Woke up this morning thinking I needed to go to the Goodwill Store in East Bremerton for some reason. So, after a stop at the Vape Shop and LOWES, I drove over there and walked around awhile. Nothing grabbed my attention nor did I find anything I couldn’t live without.


BUT, I did see an OPEN Radio Shack! No shit. On the way to check it out I stopped in a junk store called “Jen’s Attic” and perused their selection. They must think everything they have is an antique since everything is priced that way. WAY too expensive! But I did see a couple of 16 mm projectors; which I haven’t seen since my old audio/visual days in High School. Cool. Doubt you could find a film to show though (even if they worked).

Stopped in the embroiderer place and was impressed enough to order myself a ball cap (blue) with my call sign on it. Also ordered a Navy Blue T-shirt for SWMBO with SWMBO on it. Both should be ready next week.


The Radio Shack was an actual Radio Shack. Everything I looked at seemed rather spendy to me; but it was all there. As long as you aren’t looking for real electronic stuff, that is. Seems the only way they’ve stayed open is selling phones. Whatever! Bremerton has an open Radio Shack.

Drive home was a pain since it was raining and Friday traffic was already starting to build up. But made it safe. I’m just wondering if I was supposed to find something at Goodwill, the Embroiderer, or the open Radio Shack? So much for my hunches.


And we be home from picking SWMBO up. It’s a bit too late to watch “Minions” tonight so we’ve planned it for tomorrow evening as the later part of our date. Cool!

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No Real Post Today. Lazy Turd!

SSDD Sunday. I made Pot Roast with Taters and Carrots for dinner. Chores done. Laundry done. MCARC 2-meter Sunday Chat Net done. “Watching” various movies on one monitor while “playing” with VUE 2014 on the other. Being lazy.


I’m Old. I can be lazy if I want.


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I’ve Had Some Boring Damned Monday’s

But none as bad as today! I was so  bored that, at noon, I went to Walmart and Jo Ann’s Fabric’s in Port Orchard to get SWMBO’s Christmas present. Holy Shit, there was a lot of traffic out there! Both places were packed too.


Walmart had the monitor mount I was looking for but not at the price I was willing to pay.  And definitely not at the price I saw advertised online. Ah well. Maybe next month


Other than that the only things I’ve done today were my usual chores and burned the trash. I love burning trash. Anything I can to do promote global warming.


So, that’s about it. SWMBO is home safe and off quilting in her room. I’m finishing up the River Song story and it’s about time for this old guy to hit the rack.

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