Nice Day And I Got A Lot Done

Really nice out. Got up to over 70 degrees! Put clothes on only when I went to the Post Office to mail a letter and to stop by ACE Hardware for a couple bags of cement. Then later when I remembered I still needed to drop off Netflix (so back to the Post Office), and stop by Safeway to return “Interstellar” and get some gas. Other than that …


Spent several hours outside mixing cement and filling post holes. Phew! Strenuous.

Then I spent time getting my radio to work in the Caravan. It does! Pigtails I made work just fine for the antenna’s and the cigarette-lighter thingie inside supply’s enough power to at least listen. Going to have to run a good wire from the battery for transmitting though. I think. It seemed to work fine transmitting 50 watts FM on 2-meters, but, reading online about amps=watts/volts I’m not so sure the lighter plug will handle it (safely). 25 watts (on psk31) / 13.8 volts = 1.923 Amps. Present circuit seems to be able to handle it; but I’m still a wuse where my radio is concerned.


Tuna sandwiches and chips for dinner cause I was a bit tired. And I stayed busy right up to time to eat. (I have to eat fairly early, around 1630-1700, cause I have GERD. The earlier I eat the less it bothers me when I go to bed. Wake up really hungry sometimes though!)

SWMBO got home safe. Just lounging around playing until bedtime. Downloading Ubuntu Studio to give that a try. If it drives all three of my monitors I’ll install it and go from there. Gotta get away from Windows!

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