The Poop Dog Is A Chicken Killer!

Our new tenants bought a couple of chicks and had them out in the yard (eating bugs hopefully) and Poop Dog slipped out the door and killed one before we caught on to him. He actually brought it into the basement (probably to eat it). Needless to say he got BD’d (Bad Dog!) and did without his usual bed time cookie.

The Poop Dog. Chicken Killer!

Yeah, I know he chases birds, and deer (which out-mass him by tons!), but, damn!

So now I have to go out and buy a chicken. Thanks, Dog!

Time to get MY truck washed!

SWMBO bought me a new radio for my truck; mostly so she wouldn’t have to listen to the cd of mp3’s (60 hours worth!) that’s been stuck in the old one for the past 5-6 years. (It just would not eject!) Dang thing has a remote! So she got one with a USB and Aux ports in addition to the mp3/CD player. Cool! Now I still have to figure out where I’m going to mount the Ham Radio.

One of the guys from NMARES gave me a TALL vertical antenna. This had to cost $300-400 bucks new.I almost felt bad about taking it when I picked it up from his water-front-out-standing-view-of-the-Sound home. (Naw, not really!) Now I gotta figure out what frequencies it’s good for. I really appreciate him giving it to me!!!

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