Open The Pod Bay Doors, Hal

Had “The Dark Knight” Trilogy just kind of running in the background while doing my usual chores and other stuff; but you just have to stop and watch when Heath Ledger comes on as “The Joker.” That man was genius in that part. Especially that part where someone calls him crazy, and, real quiet like he says “No. No I’m not.” You can totally believe he believes he isn’t.


imageThe other day, during the snow “storm” we had, I was out on the deck taking pictures (of course) and I heard a loud THUMP from the back of the property. And, sure enough, on our walk today, the Dog and I came across a downed tree cutting across our walking trail. It was one of those really long/tall skinny (about 13 inches thick or so) trees and I guess the weight of all that wet snow was a bit much for it. Snap. Thump. That’s two down and 50+ to go.

Tried booting into Windows 7 today. Forgot that I completely replaced all my drives with new, larger, formatted for Linux, hard drives. Of course Windows couldn’t find the data/documents directory and a bunch of other stuff. Aaarrrgggghhh! What a pain in the ass Windows is! If not for having to boot into Windows to check my banking I’d get rid of it completely. I’m quite happy with Linux Mint and a Windows 7 VM when I need it. (And if I could find a decent blogging program I’d get rid of the VM!)


Anywho, just got back from picking my Schweetie up at the Ferry Landing. Made a quick stop by Mickey D’s cause she didn’t feel like waiting to make something. Which is her prerogative! I’m finishing up here before heading off to lay down and read a bit.

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