Well, Ain’t That Just Dandy!

Vamp01aWe been planning to attend the Hollie Family reunion the first weekend of Oct (1 & 2 this year), however, I just found out it isn’t until the 2nd weekend of Oct. Shit. If SWMBO can’t/won/t rearrange her vacation then we’ll have to rearrange our trip. Hit Oregon, Ohio for a few days then make a mad dash to Pickwick Landing, Tn for the reunion, then back to Oregon, Oh. Which we can do; it’d just be a pain.

Not a whole lot going on around here. Yesterday was out usual Date Saturday. SWMBO took me to look at small tractors in Shelton before we went to Taco Bell for dinner. Walmart got a lot of our money for “stuff” then home.

Bought her a NextBook; little tablet with a keyboard, for less than $200. Spent the evening setting it up. It’s nice. Need to get her a mini-hdmi cord so she can hook it up to the tv and then she won’t have to drag her laptop around for her genealogy class on Sunday’s. If I didn’t like my tablet so much I’d get myself one of these.


Spent a lot of time on YouTube yesterday watching video’s about small tractors and box scrapers and such. I could use a small tractor around here for road/driveway maintenance and such. One of the Kuboda tractors we saw yesterday, with a box thingie, started at $18k! (Not sure if the loader was another $4k or not.) Phew! I may have to look for a used one. (I don’t like buying used really.)

Gloria02bFeeling Southern Inspiration, I took this old crab cage that’s been laying around the house these past 8-10 years and hooked it (folded)  to the rider-mower with a strap, piled a couple of cinder blocks on it, and drug it up and down the driveway. Not bad. Not bad at all. Stirred up the gravel right nice. Cinder blocks kept sliding off though so I’ll have to figure out how to attach them better. Still gonna buy one of them box thingies.

Fed the Missionaries this evening. SWMBO made “oven-fried” chicken. It was good.

MCARC 2-meter Sunday Evening Chat Net went well. Trying to pair bluetooth keyboards to my tablet. The $100 Microsoft keyboard won’t. The little $15 cheapie we got at Walmart hooks up just fine. Go figure. (I hate Microsoft shit.)

Anywho, that’s about it for the night. Think we’ll get up early and head out on a day trip.

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