Need I Even Say SSDD Saturday?

Didn’t think so. However, the Wx was rather nice so the dog and I got to take all our clothes off and go for a walk or two. Nice. As far as I’m concerned, the Wx could stay like it was today for the rest of time and it would be okay with me.


Saw 5 small planes fly overhead in formation so I’m thinking I missed the Fly-In this year. Dang! My neighbor said traffic in Belfair was “horrendous” so I didn’t even want to get out to town. So I didn’t. Most times I enjoy staying right here on our property anyway. Hell, even the neighbors didn’t make much noise today! (UNUSUAL for it being a nice day out!)


Gave the load of green beans we picked (yesterday?) to one of my neighbors (Walt) cause I just didn’t want to process them and add them to the freezer. We’re overstuffed with green beans! More tomato’s are turning color and I’m going to have to start thinking about canning them. Too bad we don’t have stasis fields! (Did I lament that before?)


Just not much else going on around here. I did get a good nights sleep last night; if you’re interested. I think I fell asleep about 2230 and didn’t wake until 0650 this morning. Cool! Wish that would happen more often. Must not have been much noise made last night (from downstairs) and the animals stayed on the floor. Cool! Wish that would happen more often!

I think it’s going to be a “Modern Marvels” kind of evening!

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