Catching Up. Finally!

Let’s see. Last Friday the only change in routine was two burly guys and a large truck showed up to move the Piano to the new owners. Nice guys and they were in and out in less than 20 minutes. The one guy was complaining that they didn’t really make any money on this move.


Saturday was our “new” Date Day. SWMBO spent the greater part of the day doing Genealogy with a friend of hers. About 1500 we headed out For Arby’s in Silverdale. Then Joann’s (I browsed Staple’s instead). Then we walked the mall and SWMBO bought herself some new clothes. Stopped by Radio Shack to look for an intercom but decided I didn’t want to spend $65-$85.

Been a couple of fairly decent Wx days; sunny and mostly, well, not Warm. Comfortable enough for t-shirt after noon. Rain is coming back this week though. (I still feel we’re going to get slammed Wx wise this winter.)

And that’s about it. Trying to decide what to make for dinner tonight. Getting laundry done. Picked/dug up some of our potato’s for dinner. Think I’ll make some kind of Chied Fricken with them!

Watched “World War Z” last night. I enjoyed it. Not as gory as the usual Zombie movie. I should spend more time preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse but NObama is already in office.


Found a Powerball ticket from last July. It wasn’t a winner. (Bummer!)

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